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In the realm of travel, where journeys are embarked upon with varying degrees of intention and planning, I found myself navigating the landscapes of France in a unique way. My exploration was not dictated by a set duration or a predetermined destination, but rather driven by looking for the moments in which I felt the fulfillment of discovery. Whether it was the delicate aftermath of past rainfall on a leaf or the grandeur of a sweeping landscape from a hillside, I sought the beauty inherent in both the intimate and the expansive. I reveled in the fascination of travel as a holistic experience while cherishing the allure of unplanned moments gone right.

Amidst my stay in the quaint village of Lacoste, France, I experienced a state of detachment from reality. The absence of my customary routines allowed me to dwell in a mental haze, where the line between presence and reverie blurred. Recognizing the need to translate this surreal experience into visual art, I embarked on a photography project that delved into the unreal. Covering my lens with flowing fabrics became my method of capturing the natural environment of Lacoste, each fabric introducing a layer of abstraction and mystique. The textures ranged from transparent to solidified, offering a spectrum of visual experiences. This departure from reality allowed me to infuse the scenes with an ethereal quality, where colors played a pivotal role, and the interplay of sunlight transformed ordinary elements into mesmerizing illusions of glittering adornments.

As my lens became a conduit for the intersection of reality and unreality, my focus shifted toward the aesthetic pleasure derived from ambiguity. The resulting body of work, born from the fusion of fabrics, colors, and natural elements, reflects not only my personal journey through France but also encapsulates the delicate balance between the known and the unknown. Through this project, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the ambiguous, where the boundaries of perception are blurred, and the surreal becomes an integral part of the visual narrative.

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