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Riley’s passion to work within a surrounding that is constantly evolving has led her to Brooklyn, NY where she is currently based.


Raised in Connecticut, Riley fostered a profound passion for travel and exploration, embarking on cross-country road trips spanning weeks and immersive adventures across Asia that extended over months. Initially inspired to document her travels she got her first “real” camera when she was thirteen, a creative tool that has become an inseparable extension of herself ever since.  


Having pursued studies in documentary and fine art photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Riley finds joy in capturing a diverse spectrum of subjects, ranging from commercial ventures to documentary narratives. Fueled by an upbringing amidst perpetually changing environments, she thrives in fast-paced work settings. Currently, her artistic focus gravitates towards documenting weddings, a pursuit that harmoniously blends her foundation in fine arts with her instinct for capturing intimate moments. Her photographic artistry invites contemplation within the viewer, evoking a dialogue between the image and the observer.


Riley's wedding photography can be found here.



Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography with a minor in writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).


  • "Urban New York Wedding," Sisters in Law, Umeå, Sweden2022

  • 2020, "RED," Juried Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

  • 2020, “NEXT,” Juried Exhibition, Book, and Virtual exhibition

  • “Port City Review: 09,” SCAD District, Savannah, GA, 2020

  • 2020, “This Time Around,” Group Exhibition, Cedar House Gallery, Savannah, GA

  • 2019, “Open Studio Night,” Juried Exhibition, Alexander Hall,

    Savannah, GA

  • 2019, “Studio Ouvert,” Group Exhibition, SCAD Lacoste,

    Lacoste, France

  • 2018, “Open Studio Night,” Juried Exhibition, Alexander Hall,

    Savannah, GA

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