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empty spaces

A look into the hours of midnight to 4 a.m.

While the content within the images is different one thing remains consistent, emptiness. There are no cars, no people- just empty spaces. Spaces that at any point during the day would be filled with others.

This is not merely a documentation, it is a representation of a mindset. Often within life, we become caught up in daily routines, normalcy, to the point where we become numb to any feeling at all. So numb that it is as if we are empty. We go places- stores, parks, gas stations, and we feel nothing. We don't notice the beauty in the spaces around us, nor appreciate the company of fellow beings. Not truly living just existing in our personal patterns.

While working on this series, I was forced to revaluate the spaces around me during the day versus at night. I began to notice others around me, appreciate the companionship of many all in one places to complete a similar goal; whether it be as simple as to buy groceries or going to work. This realization that loneliness is an illogical emotion as we are quite often not alone, just too caught up within ourselves to recognize everyone around us.


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