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thoughts on home

april 3, 2019

I have never lived in much of a permanent home, instead, I believe home is simply the place you sleep at any given time. Last summer my home was the backseat of a 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. Within that time my photographs were inspired by the way the world looked from the movement of that seat. It was inspired by sunrises in new towns every day and the company of close friends as we trekked across the U.S. In December, for a week, my home became a bed made of pillows on a floor of an apartment in Mumbai, India. Within that week I grew accustomed to the parrots outside the bedroom window, the honking of the Rickshaws in the streets, and the smell, one that I remember distinctly even though it has been months. My photographs were vivid, sharp, and bright. I was inspired by the culture, the people, and the personalities I met in my time there. Hong Kong had been my most long term home since Savannah last year. In Hong Kong, I was inspired by the tonal colors that seemed to enwrap the entire city. The pastel colors that could be seen by day controlled my color palette when editing, causing the pink tone to encompass my work. My studio and commercial based classes within this time changed my photography as well. I became more aware of the light, specifically artificial light. I learned that while I enjoy capturing the light of the natural world controlling it can be effective as well. Lacoste I know will bring about more change in my work. Already the slow-paced and peaceful environment has changed my view. After living months in a city that never stopped, I feel this can be a time to stop, take a step back, reflect, and think more deeply about the work I want to create, the aesthetic I want to have.

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