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thoughts on home

april 3, 2019

I have never lived in a permanent home for long; instead, I believe that home is simply the place where you sleep at any given time. Last summer, my home was the backseat of a 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. During that time, my photographs were inspired by the world as seen from the movement of that seat - the sunrises in new towns every day and the companionship of close friends as we trekked across the U.S. In December, for a week, my home transformed into a bed made of pillows on the floor of an apartment in Mumbai, India. Within that week, I grew accustomed to the parrots outside the bedroom window, the honking of Rickshaws in the streets, and a distinct smell that remains vivid in my memory even after months. My photographs were vivid, sharp, and bright. I drew inspiration from the culture, the people, and the personalities I encountered during my time there. Hong Kong became my longest-term home since my time in Savannah last year. While in Hong Kong, I found inspiration in the tonal colors that seemed to envelop the entire city. The pastel colors visible by day influenced my color palette during editing, resulting in a prevailing pink tone in my work. The studio and commercially-focused classes during this period also impacted my photography. I grew more attuned to light, particularly artificial light. I realized that while I enjoy capturing the natural world's light, there's also efficacy in controlling it. I anticipate that Lacoste will further shape my work. The serene and unhurried environment has already shifted my perspective. After months of living in a ceaseless city, I see this as an opportunity to pause, step back, reflect, and delve more profoundly into the work I aim to create and the aesthetic I wish to embrace.

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