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Educational Experience

After four enriching years in the classroom, I am poised and enthusiastic about transitioning into a role that seamlessly merges my extensive educational experience with my profound knowledge of the visual arts, particularly photography and graphic design. It is with a cultivated understanding of pedagogy and a passion for artistic expression that I aspire to contribute to a school environment in a capacity that extends beyond traditional teaching. My aim is to play a pivotal role in elevating the visual language of the institution, infusing it with creativity and innovation. I am eager to immerse myself in a community that is not only diverse but also fosters collaboration, recognizing the transformative power of a collective and inclusive approach to education. This next step in my professional journey is fueled by a commitment to inspiring creativity, fostering meaningful connections, and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of an educational institution that values both excellence and diversity.

The above photographs are from the spring art showcase of student work at Riverdale Country School which I curated along with my teaching partner. The artworks showcased are from my students in grades 3-5. I designed the gallery postcard as well as captured all the above images.

Why Education? 

I was in middle school the first time I began grading papers. My mother is a high school English teacher and would often spend Sundays sitting at the table grading the papers and tests from her students. If they were multiple choice she would give me the answer key and I enjoyed marking the questions right or wrong in the brightly colored pens she would use. At that point my enjoyment simply stemmed from the vibrant pens and the inherent organization in the grading process. It wasn't until later that I discovered a profound love for education. 


Surrounded by a family of educators, it comes as no surprise—though perhaps unexpected to me—that I share a passion for fostering student success. When embarking on my college journey, teaching wasn't at the forefront of my ambitions. Having traversed various landscapes, from weekend escapades to New York City to month-long cross-country road trips, I intended to channel my love for travel and creativity into my college career. This led me to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where my initial foray into drawing, design, and art history eventually culminated in a major in photography. Living abroad in Hong Kong and France, and traveling through India and Thailand, heightened my desire to immerse myself in different cultures and connect with creatives worldwide. However, it was not the travel that reshaped my perspective for my future, but rather, my fellowship at The Taft School. 


At Taft, I learned that my love for children extended to a genuine passion for teaching. I learned to lesson plan and lead a classroom, but most importantly I learned how to develop relationships with students that led them to create work they were proud to showcase. 

The above photographs are from my fellowship at The Taft School where I served as an educator, school photographer, and social media manager through the duration of the summer program.

My resume can be viewed here. Letters of recommendation are available upon request. 

Additional Documentary Photography

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